I’m Thankful

This month we are focusing on having a thankful heart. I joined 21 days of gratitude. I’m starting a little behind, but am going to try to post or blog or tweet 21 things I’m thankful for. Today I am starting with my kids. It’s so easy as parents to get  busy and overwhelmed and forget to notice the blessings around you. My kids are absolutely a huge blessing. They make me grow and stretch and realize all my weaknesses and they don’t judge me for it. I’m sure they will one day, but they haven’t reached that point yet :) They make me laugh and they embarrass me and even make me cry sometimes. But, they are healthy and happy and that is sooo much to be thankful for!

When I found out I was pregnant with Brooke I cried. Now I can’t imagine not seeing her smile and hearing her say,” I awake, Mama.” when I walk in her room in the morning.
Bodie,has taught me so much. He taught me that boys want to be the hero from the moment their feet touch the ground. If you don’t give them guns and swords to play with they will make their own. A hero has to save the princess…..even Captain Underpants.




Brylee Rose, so sweet and such a spitfire! Already,at four,she wants to be the princess who gets rescued,but is tough enough to let you know if you aren’t rescuing her right!




Dean,he was four when I met him. I had never had kids so I fumbled my way through. Thank God he was a laid back child. He has never met a stranger and has an amazing ability to get along with almost anyone.

That’s a whole bucket to be thankful for in the first day. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this month brings!




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